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Prepare Your Car For Spring | Vero Beach, FL

Prepare Your Car For Spring | Vero Beach, FL
We’ve all heard of spring cleaning your home, but there are also several things you can do to get your car ready for the spring in terms of maintenance. Normal spring maintenance will keep your car running smoothly, preventing some future breakdowns and extending your vehicle’s life.

Check Engine Fluids

First, checking engine fluids is necessary after the long winter. You can top off most of the fluids, like washer fluid, antifreeze/coolant, and transmission fluid (which you should normally check when the engine is warm). You should also check oil; however, many cars will need an oil change after the long winter, so be sure to schedule an appointment if necessary.

Check Engine Parts

In addition to an oil change and topping off fluids, you should also check the various components around the engine compartment. For example, pull on the belts to make sure they are not too loose. If they are, you may need to have them tightened. Next, feel hoses while the engine is warm—if the hose is too soft, they need to be replaced. Finally, check the spark plug, as bad ones can cause engine misfiring.

Check the Exterior

Don’t just stick to the engine when it comes to spring maintenance. You should check wiper blades for wear and replace them if necessary. If there are any signs of rust, you should treat them immediately to stop the spread. Check tire pressure to be sure that you haven’t lost too much during colder weather, and it’s also a good idea to apply wax after you wash your car to provide an added protective coating. Warm weather is less harsh on the exterior, but added protection can’t hurt.

Dependable Mitsubishi’s service center can give your car all it needs this spring, by replacing fluids, checking the exterior, and giving it an overall checkup. Schedule an appointment today.

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