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What Does That Sound Mean? | Vero Beach, FL

What A Sound Means | Vero Beach, FL
If your vehicle is making an unusual noise, you are probably wondering what it means. Sometimes it is a simple issue, and other times it is a more complex one that requires attention from our service department at Dependable Mitsubishi. Here is a guide to some common vehicle issues and what they sound like.

Squealing when Braking

If you hear an aggravating, high-pitched squeal when you brake, your brake pad indicator is rubbing against the rotor. Brake pads come with this gauge to alert you that it is time to replace them. Failing to do so will damage your car’s rotor.

A Grumbling, Rumble when You Start your Car

A grumbling under the hood means that your car is having difficulty starting. This could indicate that your vehicle’s battery is weak or failing, so get your battery checked and replaced.

Persistent Rumbling/Rattling Noise under the Car

This noise means that your vehicle’s exhaust system is malfunctioning. Get this looked at, as your car’s exhaust system or catalytic converter may need repaired.

Shrieking under the Hood

If you hear squealing or chirping below your vehicle’s hood, your car’s drive belt may need a replacement. The drive belt helps power your car’s power steering, alternator, and air conditioning, so seeking immediate car care is imperative.

When should you bring your vehicle in to Dependable Mitsubishi?

Any irregular noises that your car makes means something is wrong. Scheduling an appointment with one of our certified technicians at our Service Center is the best decision you can make.

No matter what sound you are hearing, visit us today at Dependable Mitsubishi, and we will take care of your car.

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